Journey to the Savage Planet Launch Day

By Jason Ryan
on January 28, 2020

Your journey begins today, Pioneer!

Welcome to the uncharted wilds of AR-Y 26: A vibrant planet loaded with places to go, things to do and creatures to kick! As a proud member of Kindred Aerospace’s lightly-funded Pioneer Program, it’s your mission and corporate duty to explore and catalog the various biological wonders on this strange new planet with the ultimate goal of helping Kindred secure a new home for humanity’s future.

As you take your first steps into the world, and begin exploring and documenting your exciting new planet, be sure to maintain a keen awareness of the Kindred Value System:

1) Leave no stone unturned. If a stone refuses to turn, smash it to pieces!
2) Explore every nook and cranny. Should a cranny or nook seem too dangerous, get in there and check it out anyway. That’s why we pay you!
3) Take pride in your work, and defend Kindred property at all costs. Advanced space tech is expensive and hard to manufacture; Printing new limbs and extremities can be done at a fraction of the cost!
4) Have fun!

And while I’m sure you’re excited to get started, we here at Kindred Aerospace highly recommend you take a moment to get your Earthly affairs in order (not that a mission of this nature has an extremely high mortality rate or anything…) and download the day one patch! Why, you may ask? Take a look at all the wonderful stuff it comes with:

  • Capture those precious goo-splattered memories with an all-new Photo Mode! Kindred’s advanced photo technology allows you to perform amazing feats like alter the depth of field and field of view, and get artsy with some exciting photo filters!
  • Cleaner menus and better overall user experience! After canceling your medical benefits, Kindred Aerospace used the excess funding to improve your ability to track quests and navigate your in-game Journal. Be sure to remember this on Corporate CEO Appreciation Day!
  • General improvements to online connectivity, performance optimization, significant bug fixes and heck-of-a-lot of polish. At this rate, Kindred may even ascend to THIRD best Aerospace Corporation!

So download that patch, kiss your loved ones goodbye (permanently) and blast off to AR-Y 26!